IC Solutions is the leading resource in the area of semiconductor manufacturing, with a primary focus on parts services, including refurbishment, overhaul, exchange and sales of new and refurbished spares. IC Solutions was established in 2005 in the US to provide North America and Europe with the same cost reduction options to these markets that had previously been seen primarily in Asia. Our primary objective is to deliver the highest quality and reliability – on par or exceeding what could be expected from an OEM, but at an appreciable cost savings.

IC Solutions features full support for ASML Airco systems, and is your first call for ASML stepper and scanner parts, as well as parts and spares for Canon, Nikon, Applied Materials, TEL, DNS, Varian, Axcelis, and many other manufacturers.

ICSolutions is pleased to also represent Mechatronic Systemtechnik GmbH, and is now offering wafer handling solutions for packaging, sorting, and loading of any type of wafer, including thin wafers, thick wafers, warped wafers, and anything in-between.

Where your parts and equipment needs are concerned, it is our desire that you give IC Solutions a chance to earn your confidence and your continued business.