IC Solutions brings together over 25 years of industry experience, with primary focus on repairs of ASML stepper and scanner parts, to include expansion in areas across the fab including parts for Canon, Nikon, Applied Materials, TEL, DNS, Varian, Axcelis, and many other tool types in the areas of etch, implant, photolithography, thin films, etc. We also support overhaul of a wide range of robots across the fab, as well as stocker parts, quartz items, Remote Plasma Source (RPS), RF generators and match, etc. In addition, we offer a unique single reticle pod solution for advanced lithography needs, and various equipment upgrades and sales and services relating to used equipment and equipment relocations and refurbishments.

IC Solutions was founded with a singular vision to establish a global company, with rapid response protocols designed to treat all customer needs with high priority. There is no fab too small or too large, too new or too old as to not have problems that need solving. Where your parts and equipment needs are concerned, it is our desire that you give IC Solutions a chance to earn your confidence and your continued business.

Mark Puzerewski, CEO, and the entire IC Solutions team, offer a diverse background in the semiconductor field, and that experience is a foundational quality of IC Solutions.

Mr. Puzerewski:

– Holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering – specializing in applied physics and microelectronics

– Has worked in Process Engineering and Process Engineering Management for Texas Instruments with specialization in photolithography process engineering for semiconductor manufacturing of CMOS, BiPolar, logic, microprocessor, and various ASIC microelectronic integrated circuits.

– Has held applications engineering and supervisory positions with ASML with regional and worldwide customer responsibilities.

– Has managed multiple large scale fab startup related projects at multiple customer sites.

– Has managed sales and sales development activities in North America, South America, and Europe while working for Inficon in the area of automated process control.

– Is an internationally published author and researcher